Our Mission Statement

The mission of Revolutionary Financial Group is to be a reliable, professional resource for all individuals at or near retirement.  We strive to provide education and extend our knowledge of all financial matters to you; we serve the public, our community, our family, and our friends with the highest integrity.  



We take the following four step approach in developing your plan for a more secure future.


1. Identify Short & Long-Term Objectives

We help you to identify and understand your objectives.  The first step to developing a plan for more secure financial retirement.


2. Identify your options & How each will affect your situation

Everyone's situation is different,  so we want you to understand how each decision we make together can affect you & the plan we're developing.  We consider your risk profile to determine how much should be put into higher risk investments and more conservative alternatives.  I help you stay within your comfort level instead of chasing those short-term market returns.


3.  Build the right financial plan for you

Personal preferences, cash flow needs,  short & long-term goals are just a few ways to invest your money.  Today,  we have more investment vehicles than ever before,  including some more conservative alternatives.  Together we can build a plan to help you realize a more secure financial future.


4.  Schedule Periodic Reviews

Periodic reviews enable you stay on course,  address any changes that occur,  & ensure that goals are accomplished.  We promise to keep you informed via quarterly reviews, calls, emails & more.